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Gau Seva



As a part of reviving the culture of COW CARE in Human society, we, ISKCON-Gaushala, are trying to establish a complete and wonderful environment for the cows thereby creating a homely atmosphere for the cows.

In this Goshala, we are trying to serve the Cows to the best of our capacity as much as possible. In this way, May Lord Govinda, the lover of Cows, be pleased with our small endeavors and shower His causeless mercy upon us. Only by His mercy, the society can move forward in the direction of Peace and Harmony in the world. Our humble attempts can be more effective if each and every person feels responsibility and the right of preserving the Cows from all ill ways.

We Need Your Support

Protection of Cows and Bulls is the prime responsibility of everyone. It is possible only when cultured, like-minded and pious-minded people. Come forward to actively support the cause by their words, actions and wealth. So, we request everyone to serve the cows to the best of your capacities.

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